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BILLY's Journal

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Tuesday, August 6th, 2002
11:49 pm
1. Name: William Gregory Henis
2. Named after anyone?: My dad
3. Which finger is your favorite? index?
5. When did you last cry? in like 6th grade
6. If you were making a movie about yourself, who would star as you? jared leto or the kid from donni darko jake gennahyl(sp?)
7. Do you like your handwriting? ino it fuckin sucks
8. Who do you admire? uhhhh no one really
9. What is the #1 priority in your life? TO GET LAID
10. What is your favorite lunch meat? turkey
11. Any bad habits? sara
12. What store would you never be caught dead in? ill go in nay store and nOT GIVE A FUCk
13. If you were another person, would you be friends with you? yea cuz im the shit
14. Are you a daredevil? ehh sometimes
15. When you look at most of the people in your school what do you think? ur fukcin lame
16. Have you ever told a secret you swore you wouldn't tell? yea
17. Have you ever stolen anything? yes
18. Do looks matter?yes(the honest anwser but truly no tthta much)
19. When was the last time you wanted to punch someone? today! when some 9ht grade cunt tlaked shit to me
20. Have you ever met anyone famous? yes(SARA!!!!!!!)
21. Do you believe that there is a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? um not literally
22. Are you trendy? fo sho EMO EAST COAST RPERESNT(no i was joking)
23. What do you do to vent anger? uhh yell and cuss..a lot
24. Are you passive or aggressive? aggressive
25. Who is your idol? Geoff Rickley cuz he can dance liek a mack
26. Who is your second family? my friends
27. Do you trust others easily? no
28. Favorite toy as a child? action figures
29. What class in high school did you think was totally useless? all of them.
30. What is your most over used word? cunt
31. Where do you get in the most trouble? school
<~~~~~ Who took out the questions??? i dont fuckin know
35. Have you ever been in a mosh pit? yea a fuckin hard core one where josh fucked everyone up
36. Do you feel understood most of the time? depends on who the perosn is
37. Would you rather have a sore throat or an upset stomach? sore throat
39. Do you know what 'sctief' is? yea i just dont wanna tell u
40. What is your nickname? BILLY, boomer
41. Would you be a vegetarian? yes, if i didnt love animal carcus
42. Would you ever bungee jump? i already have
43. Do you untie your shoes every time you take them off? on;y my new xlt's
44. What are you worried about right now? uhhh girls
45. Do you ever wear overalls?umm no
46. Do you think you are strong? no im a puss
47. What is your favorite Popsicle at the moment? strawberry
48. Who is most likely to respond? well its a livejournal, i dunno
49. Who do you think won't respond at all? i odnt know
50. Birthday: june 11
51. Favorite Color: black red blue
52. Eye Color: greyis blue
53. What time is it? 11:58 but this clock is wrong
54. Last Person who you talked to on the phone:my mom
55. The last person who slept in your bed with you: Emily hehehe
56. Last Person that made you cry: i dont know
57. Last person You had a drink with:uhhhh josh at wa ho
58. You went to the movies with: sara garin alex
59. Who Last Sent you an email: Kairsten
60. Are you bored? not really
61. How many people you know are on AIM at the moment?: 20
62. Who laughs the loudest? josh
64. Who is going to have the most kids? MEoutta my fat vag

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Tuesday, July 23rd, 2002
6:17 pm
i am very conte. lauren came over today and wathced sex adn teh city with me and it was so lame but so great just cuz we thre togeether. and then on top of that she got me this new cd im listin to now. adn on top of that tommrwo i may bable to return to the world. i think nate is commin over adn we might play ddr so life is kick ass. im eatin eggs right now and htey are good. i cant wait to eat real food. i think ill eat oven pizza for lunch and chinses for dinner. i cant wait well this was a pussy netyr bu tim glad i did it ne way

current mood: content

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Sunday, July 21st, 2002
7:15 pm
things thta have got me through recovery:
the get up kids

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Thursday, July 18th, 2002
11:49 pm
fucked up on loratba abd tlakin to my datin poaterner lauren and she is hte hsit

current mood: TRASHED

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6:45 pm - hmmmmmmmm
i just took a bath and read part of hte perks..... i now relaize how much carrie is charlie. i really hope carrie isnt pissed she said she isnt but i got into a kind of argument with her sis last ngith and then kidn of with her so i hoep we are still tight and at the end i wa sliek carrie i love u and she didnt say nethign and then signed off........ hmmmmm i really hope we are still friends. i dont get why she cant figure otu that e and her wouldnt work not ot be mean but i just dont get it maybe im not normal and most ppl cant just swithc of feelings for someone when they dotn retun them. i have been thinking about lauren a lot today. im hopin like last time me and lauren were together it will just take carrie a little bit of time to get used to it. dude i just herad a sweet saves teh day lyric :you wanna knwo who i really am...well so do i
that is really awesoem in my opion. to me emo is just the soundtrack to growing up. i feel bad for emo in general becuz it is becoming so fake. and i have a big fear that i will wlak inot the first day of school and there will eb liek a illion emo kids adn hey will eitther A: all try and be my friend cuz i am emo or B: all try and act better than me nad think htey are emo hot shits if either secaniro plays out soem fuck offs will be delivere to ppl. so anyway. i had another day of sittin around. i htink im doin a good job ofmanging my pian with my meds. i feel really bad fro most of my old friends now cuz all they do is get fucked up and i feel bad cuz a lot of my firedns who quit doin that stuff startd again. liek steve calle dbrittney and asked if he oculd get stoend and she said no and he did it ne way and hten he called her an dshe stared cryin and he laughed at her. man stev needs to think abotu stuff. i dont get hwy he would ask if he oculd cuz its his decison and if he woudl ask why would he totally disegard her opion. i just dont get it. i dotn know hwo enthusiatic lauren is abotu us dating. i dont know that i put hat in my last journal but we are bu tshe said soemthign along theliens htta she was htinking baout it and she though ti wasok thta we were. not like o its ok thta she approved of it. i just found it weird it kind fo feels like my life is fallign apart right now. my comp is fuckin up it doesn tseem liek i have ne fiends and what i thoguth was good with lauren is creating problems and she doenst care i dont knwo. hopefully when im recovered it will all be good. i really wish josh wne tot my shcool, cuz he is like my best freind right now nad next year will be wird if my bf doesn tog ot my shcool. i just really hope me nad stev can be tight again next year. i hope that none of my friends eve commit sucicide. i wnat all my fiends readign this to tknow thta i never woudl could cuz it would hurt hte ppl left to much and i dont htink its right to do thta to ppl czu it just mnakes their life harder and causes the emotional problmes. i htin thta hte only time to kill yourslef is if uur being baused soemhow and u have no one ot help u. but none of my frinds shoudl be in that position cuz htey can alwyas tlak to me. my mood has really shifted durign this entyr. i just hope all my firedns are ok and still liek me. wow i now relaize that im not very confident perosn about my firends. i just worry becuz i have lost all my firnds b4 and that suxed. ok im gonan go now

current mood: refreshed

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1:03 am
i need to sratiten soemthing otu the only reason thta lauren and kairstens names in teh love lots inclucded as feids is becuz it was staed htta i had interets in hem as more as firends shoudl be added to everyoens name

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Wednesday, July 17th, 2002
9:43 pm

Who's SCREAM Do You Posess?
Quiz by Steph or Steph

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9:02 pm - FUCK
well i had my tounsisl out yesterday it fuckin sucks. i hope my tounsisl werent my liveleyhood kindda like sampsons and his hair, the bakc of my throat looks sick as shit i wish u could see it. so me and kairsten are having problems. i was pose to hang otu iwth her one day and shit got complicated and i forgot she had summer school hte next day so we did get to hang out so she was really pissed and i eally odnt knwo what was goin on. dude my last journal was depressign as fuck. i just wnat ppl who dont knwo me thta im not always like that. and i wnat ppl who do knwo me thta im not always happy and runnign aorund liek an ididot that soemtimes i get depressed. so yea. wow i got 3 cds today.
1.further seems forever- the moon is odwn 8 out of 10: i had this cd but broke it while break dancicng one of my fav cds soem kick ass emo-core
2.new amsetrdams-some non-ebglish i cant rmeber 5 otu of 10: def a dissapointment not much emotion put forth i couldnt even finsh listing to it biut matt didnt let me down.......
3.get up kids-4 minute mile-8 out of 10: wow an awesoem cd i havent eve finsished listeign to it but it is awsoeme
yea so i dont knwo what to do about kairsten i dotn wanna get thta serious right now but i dont wanna lsoe her. ok i have to be honest right now i still kindda liek lauren i tired ot get get over her when carrie told me she didnt really wanna get involved but she is really cool. i also think im over sara cuz ther is no point in likeing soemone who doesnt liek u its kidn fo useless. i watched resident evil today defintley sub-par and a lot of nates movie sare fuckin up but i love nate i love carrie i love kairsetn(as a friend) i love lauren(as a freind) i love josh. im realyy worried about me and steves hetero relatiosnhip. he used to call me a lot about his problems but he hant in awhile so its weird. i hope when school starts again we are tight again. i cant wait till the 30th cuz i get to see further seems forever. i wonder how many ppl read this i only know of one and that is carrie how about if u read this just write sumthin eve if u chose nto to reaveal ur idnetity. im pretty sure kairsten does cuz that is the only way i can think she found out baotu sara ok my meds are makin me tired i hope carrie sees this cuz she told me ot update

current mood: sore

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Tuesday, July 9th, 2002
3:23 pm
i ma very depresed right now. i am becuz all my friends are goen adn i feel liek i have annoyed all of them so they dont wanna ahng out with me nemore. eso steve cuz we used tobe so tight nad now we barley talk. and im just sittign abround and its makign it worse. also no one calls me to hang out ne more so i hope all my friends dont hate me now. i odnt know

current mood: depressed

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12:44 pm - ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
HELL YES i just got the new glassjaw cd and its awesome. and i got the royal tenenbaums a good film. so i still have no idea what to do about kairsten. im such a peice of shit. i think i will call her and hang otu with her later today. shit i forgot i told sara id hang otu with her hmmmmmmmm fuck. well thsi cd is really good so at least i know that. yesterday i saw the great carrie joens sakting at ocahrleys with her crew (lauren(an ex) heather(an ex interest) and heathers sis) it was good to see her but i think me nad her might hang otu later today as well. at leat i hope. i am really bored i hope soemthing interseting ahppens today. ya knwo what i kindda fell bad about hangin out iwth sara wihtout telllin kairsten but then im also like why should i have to tell her????? doens ne body knwo what im sayin. well i knwo im not htat weird. whats my proff u ask?? sex in the moath fuckin city. that hsow always has liek little topics in them and al ot of em are stuff that i feel liek the drma thign (CARRIE) and liek always goin back to one major relatioinship uve had so... yea! wow htis is prob my longets journla yet. htis new cd is so much more mature then glassjaws last and its kind of got a bad braisn reggae feel to it. its very cool. o yea yetseday i saw my ex best friend mikel low at work and i wen there with josh to see his gf and she was workin in the smae line as him and he just kept lookin at me to say soemthin to him but i didnt so fuck that piece of shit. wow htta was a lto of agression. i guess its just becuz he sucks cuz he stopped hangin otu with me just cyz dusty did but whocares cuz i ve got cooler fridns than him now. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh im still so bored. o yea me nad this kid who i thoguth hated me, james dean, ae\re stratin a band. i hope we actually do cuz it would be cool. i really wanan pst this just so carrie can read it but i wanna make it very long. o yea hahahaah hwen i was gettin my new shit i almost hit osme lady and she honked at me and i just waved to her. i dont htink this new gj cd had ne cussing on it. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm strange cuz hte kast one had a lot of fuck and cunt and all that shit. fuck i just relaized i odnt knwo hwere my cbl single from the concert is i need ot find it.man i fuckin love this cd so much. i think im gonna go out later nad either buy the brand new cd or from autumn to ashes cd. thats the only problem with cirut city, shitty slection, greta prices shitty slection. my goal on the last sentace was ot sound very srticulate and write how i woudl talk. i htink i did well. i htink htis new cd is gonna be one wher ei cal listen to it all the way through. fuck i need to start tlkin picutres for print making sooon. and i have to readmy novel. sorry im such a hitty typer. nut i dont more thna one person ::cough carrie cough:: is readign it. ya know it amazes me how little soem ppl can change just cuz i knwo how much ive chnaged in this last year. ive decide that when the glassjaw cd ends i will be done with this entry.ok good plan. i wanna go ot the pool today. i think garin may be pissed at me cuz he called yesterday and i picke dp but i ad no signal is sars basemnt asnd i htink he may htink i hugn up on him. well o well hell get over it. i wonder hwo he did at city finals. actually i wonder hwo chris did cuz he got stoned b4 he played. FUCKIN IDIOT just cuz he was gonna be aroudn so many adults. of there was a cool part on this gj song where he was acting like he was commnetating a horse race but the names were like my heart my body my mind nad my soul nad he wa ssaying liek hwat order they were but it was liek his life nad htey kept changing it was fucki cool and he was sayin it reallly fast.ook i just wanna post this now cuz its good

current mood: crazy

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Monday, July 8th, 2002
11:46 pm
ok i just read what kairsten wrote about about me and it made me feel really good. but b4 i read that i hung out with sara nad it was so fun. i feel bad for giving kairtsen such mixed signals but i dont knwo what to do and i dotn wnat to lead her on. so i guess i will see what ahppens at colts house this weekend.(me josh ameila and a shit load of ppl including sara are goi up there) o ye aara is htis cool girl who i met throught tcu who i think is gorgeous nad cool as fuck

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Sunday, July 7th, 2002
2:22 pm
yessssssssssssssssssssss i egt to og ot the show. and im anxious cux i get to do my part on the song. i reallly hope i do good tongith. and i get to see sara. i wonder if kairsten will be there. it could make for a weird situatuipon. well we are just dating so i dont htink its a big deal i liek soemone else. im also happy cuz i found my old calogne nad it mells good. i also go tnew shoes and jeans so im happy as a slut covered in cum

current mood: anxious

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Friday, July 5th, 2002
1:20 am
its late as fuck and i realize tha my journal sux. so today i gotgrounded for driving jon around. but my parents didnt tell me till i got hoem form robs but i knew it was commign no matter hwat i otld my slef. i am so hoorrible at typing bu ti accpet it. dude i dotn get how carrie types so much in these things. I LOVe CARRie she is so great. expcet for that fact she got on so late and made m saty up....that bitch. so anyway im dating kairsten now. is day its goin good i just forgot ot call ehr so i think she is pissed but whatevr. hahahah dusty(my ex-bestfiend who hated me for 6months but we are kidn of friends now) wa sonlien drunk as fuck ti was funny. last night was so cool i had teh badn crew over lus jon. the badn crew si hte badn(rob steve josh) plus snow nate chris. o and garin was there. bt the cool part was htta sara came over. i was very excited. so nay wnay we watched tv and hten drove threw brookwood mannner shooting rmoamn canddles(why are they called thta) and stev hit a hosue and we sped off the we wen to taco bell. o shti b4 we left jons parents pulled u p and told him he was grounded so that suxed. ye abut we wnt abck hiome and then it was only nate steve josh and me and we stayed up ril like 4 and woke up at 12. im tired of typing im going to bed. fuck ska.

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Tuesday, July 2nd, 2002
7:09 pm - hi
hi im billy. i made this journal cuz all of my friends have em. today i woke up and wne to o tennis. it was fun. i played really goood. jon was pissin me off thoguth cuz he was suckin. then we lost king of the court at the ned so i was in a bad mode. so then i wne t home nad me and jon played at our courts fo rliek 2 hours. o and we wen tto ur serve(my work) and i drove him illegally. shit my sis is bein a bithc i will finis h later

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